The Washington Association of County Officials (WACO) currently has 7 standing committees, 3 special committees, and 7 committees where members collaborate with other organizations in joint committees or special committees. These committees are dedicated to explore specific issues in depth in order to provide the Board of Trustees the best information to make organization decisions. The WACO President serves as an Ex Officio member of each committee other than the Audit Committee.
  1. Audit Committee

    The Audit Committee is charged with annually reviewing the financial condition, financial activities and financial controls of the Association and complete its written conclusions by the 1st day of June.

  2. Budget Committee

    The Budget Committee is charged with the following duties: Prepare a preliminary budget for the Board of Trustees’ review and consideration, Respond to recommendations for budget modifications during the fiscal year as needed, and Monitor the overall financial condition of the Association and make recommendations to the Board of Trustees on actions necessary for the long term financial stability of the Association.

  3. Education Committee

    The Education Committee is charged with facilitating the development of WACO educational programs among other things.

  4. Legislative Committee

    The Legislative Committee shall consist of the chair of the legislative committees of each of the affiliated groups.

  5. Nominating Committee

    The Nominating Committee shall establish written policies and procedures approved by the Board of Trustees addressing the solicitation, nomination and election of Association officers and Trustees-at-Large and arrange in advance for the immediate installation of the duly elected officers and Trustees-at-Large.

  6. Personnel Committee

    the Personnel Committee is charged with the following duties: provide feedback to the Executive Director on amendments to job descriptions, review salary ranges for each staff position and present any recommended changes to the Board of Trustees and review the WACO Personnel Policy and present any recommendations for modifications to the Board of Trustees.

  7. Travel Committee

    The purpose of the Committee is to review travel requests and prioritize those requests based upon the criteria established in this policy.