Education Committee


  • Dianne Dorey, Chair, 2nd-Vice President, Chair
    Lewis County Assessor
  • Steve Marks
    Franklin County Assessor
  • Milene Henley
    San Juan County Auditor
  • Tristen Worthen
    Douglas County Clerk

  • Craig Morrison
    Grant County Coroner/Medical Examiner
  • Adam Kick
    Skamania County Prosecutor
  • Peggy Semprimoznik
    Lincoln County Clerk
  • Meredith Green
    Kitsap County Treasurer
The Education Committee shall consist of the chair of the education committees of each of the affiliate groups. The President shall appoint the chair of the committee from among the members of the Board of Trustees.

In addition to other duties tasked by the President or Board of Trustees, the Education Committee is charged with the following duties:
  • Facilitate the development of WACO educational programs
  • Present to the Board of Trustees, prior to the annual budget adoption, a summary of the proposed education program(s) for the ensuing year along with a breakdown of the financial requirements to implement the program(s)
  • Seek out and make application for supplemental funds to support the training programs of the affiliate offices as necessary and
  • Assist in the planning of the annual meeting