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The 2016 Management and Supervision Training Academy is sponsored by the Clear Risk Solutions - a leader in both insurance and risk management services solutions. For more information on the Clear Risk Solutions visit
In the left column is a link for each video MODULE, as well as the introduction to the program. We suggest you watch them in order. In the right column are supplemental materials for pre-workshop work linked to each MODULE. Each video will explain the supplemental materials, and how to use them.

Jan's In-Person Presentation Materials (PDF)

Module 1 Resources:
Supervisor Checklist (PDF)
On-Boarding Best Practices (PDF)
Job Description Example (PDF)

Module 2 Resources:
Communication and the 5 Step Process (PDF)
Communications Styles (PDF)

Module 3 Resources:
Performance Management Assignment (PDF)
Sample PDP (PDF)
The 2015 Management and Supervision Training Academy was sponsored by the Washington Rural Counties Insurance Program (WRCIP) - Joining Together for the Future. For more information on the WRCIP visit

MODULE 1 Resources:
Supervisor's Checklist (DOC)
Leadership Self-Assessment (DOC)
Leadership Resources (DOC)

MODULE 2 Resources:
PD Example 1 (PDF)
PD Example 2 (DOC)
PD Example 3 (PDF)
Interview Questions Quiz Answers (PDF)

MODULE 3 Resources:
Performance Plan Example 1 (PDF)
Performance Plan Example 2 (PDF)
Performance Plan Example 3 (PDF)

MODULE 4 Resources:
Team Self-Assessment (DOC)
Emotional Intelligence Self-Assessment (DOC)
Team Roles Puzzle Answers (PDF)

MODULE 5 Resources:
LEAN Resources (link)
Coaching Questions (DOC)

Jan's In-Person Presentation Materials (PDF)

The following videos (left) were recorded September 18, 2015 in Mt. Vernon, Washington. It was part of the day-long, in-person training component of the Management and Supervisory Training Academy.