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Legislative Wrap-Up 2017 - 65th Legislative Session

The 65th Legislative Session finally concluded its business on Thursday July 20, 2017 after completing its third special session, adding 90 days to the scheduled 105 day long session. Out of over 2700 bills, resolutions and memorials introduced, over 370 were passed by both chambers. WACO is proud to say that we were able to secure the passage of five of our 2017 legislative priorities providing efficiencies in government that will save our members, and Washington residents, both time and financial resources.

HB 1309/SB 5188 - Passed!

Assessor request legislation which synced up RCW 84.33 and 84.33 and clarified that assessors could grant relief for natural disasters including wildfires under both statutes.

*Neither of the bills listed actually passed but the language was included in SB 5977 which passed.

SB 5187 - Passed!

Auditor request legislation updated several auditor duties including:
  • county and coroner inventory filing
  • commissioner reimbursement process notice of Fire Service Authority elections
  • vacancies in Air Pollution Control Authorities

SB 5327 - Passed!

Clerk request legislation updated several clerk duties including:
  • changing outdated language to clarify the clerks are responsible for keeping minutes rather than journals of court proceedings
  • eliminating the residential time reports in dissolution and parenting plan matters

HB 1794 - Passed!

Coroner request legislation which clarified that the Forensic Investigation Council could expend funds for a statewide coroner case management system.

The Operating Budget (SB 5965) included adequate funds to pay for the case management system.

HB 1283 - Passed!

Treasurer request legislation which eliminated the pre-payment of estimated taxes on certain property divisions.

This provides administrative efficiencies for treasurers and eliminates additional fiscal burdens on property owners and developers.

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