Frequently Asked Questions

What if my son/daughter is married and planning on attending college full-time in 2019/2020?

Students who qualify as a dependent of a county employee, as per the Internal Revenue Service, are eligible to receive the Washington Counties Scholarship. If you can claim your child on your taxes, then they are eligible to win. Visit to view the Internal Revenue Service definition of a dependent.

Does my student need to be a high school senior or can they already be enrolled in college?

Any student planning on attending college in the fall of 2019 is eligible to win the Washington Counties Scholarship. This includes those who are seniors in high school as well as those currently attending college.

What kind of college does my student need to attend in 2019/2020 to use the scholarship? Does that college have to be located in Washington state?

Scholarship applicants need to be attending a GET credit school for the 2019/2020 school year in order to take advantage of the Scholarship. Get credits can be used at most public/private community and technical/vocational schools within the United States. Some schools located in foreign countries may also be eligible. To search for your school and make sure that it will receive GET credits, you can navigate and click on the “Find a College” link on the left hand side.

Are grandchildren of county employees eligible for the scholarship?

Only dependent children of County Employees are eligible to win the Washington Counties Scholarship.

How do I know if I am a county employee?

The best way to know if you are a county employee is to contact your Human Resource office.

Please note: the scholarship program is under review and that the number and award amount of scholarships may change without notice.