Packed Lunch Series

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“Packed Lunch” will occur every second Wednesday of the month from 12:00PM – 1:00PM and host content experts to lead conversation on topics relevant to county officials.

 Different than WACO’s normally scheduled educational training, this event will be a two-way conversation for speakers to not only present expert subject matter, but also listen to the current challenges county officials are facing related to each topic. 

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Managing Stress, Time & Energy for Leaders

March 8th, 2023 | 12:00PM - 1:00PM 

Even before the current crises our work environments had changed significantly. Over the last decade, we’ve had increasing flexibility, mobility, and overlap between professional and personal lives. This makes it difficult for everyone, leaders included, to find a balance between their work and private lives. Managing Stress, Time, & Energy for Leaders, a virtual instructor-led workshop, will assist leaders in understanding their current energy allocation and how that impacts their team. Participants will leave with a plan for maximizing the effectiveness of their work time while creating balance with the rest of their life.

This Packed Lunch session will be led by Jessie Cronin, the Leadership Development Program Manager at the Department of Enterprise Services. Jessie has spent most of her career leading frontline and professional staff providing services to the public, most recently at a large library system where she oversaw the Adult Services department and led initiatives including Census 2020 promotion and a year-long project to highlight Native artists and writers. She is passionate about empowering leaders to empower their teams.  

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Past Event Topics

  • Goal Setting Strategies
  • 7 Rules for Managing Stress
  • The Current Recruitment Landscape
  • Performance Appraisals
  • State Pension Systems
  • Ethics for Public Officials
  • Washington State Auditor's Office on Common Audit Issues, and new Challenges Posed by the Blake Decision
  • Covid-19 Workplace Guidelines
  • Cyber Security Awareness (Presentation materials)
  • The Importance of Personal Liability Insurance
  • Engaging the Hybrid Workforce Across Generations
  • 2022 Legislative Session