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Jan 21

Resources to Utilize on WACO’s Website

Posted on January 21, 2021 at 2:31 PM by Melanie Terry

Resources to Utilize on the Washington Association of County Officials’ Website 

The Washington Association of County Officials’ website is an essential resource for the usage of our members, as well as the education of the general public.
 This blog gives a high-level overview of just some of the resources WACO members can access on WACO’s website.  


Legislative Resources 

As WACO navigates through the first ever virtual Legislative Session, we proactively share resources and updates with our members through our legislative advocacy webpage. Here you will find WACO’s priority legislation, legislative training videos, updated bill tracking and more. If you ever have questions about the legislative process, or want to seek additional training please reach out to Deputy Director, Timothy Grisham, 


Educational Trainings  

WACO Staff and the Education Committee work hard to bring members and their offices valuable training. Previously, trainings have included: Management training, Newley Elected Officials training, and The WACO Webinar Series featuring, but not limited to:  Real Estate Excise Tax training, Auditor training, and Campaign Finance Reform. All training videos are accessible online, as well as the material needed to follow the presentation. You can review them here. 


COVID-19 Resource Page 

Although WACO’s weekly COVID-19 conference calls have ended, WACO continues to monitor and share essential resources for members and their offices. Included on the resource page WACO members will find Governor Jay Inslee’s official orders and Phase Re-Opening Plan, Courthouse Closures and Modified Operations link, General Resources and additional information listed per-county. Find the COVID-19 Resource page here. 


Affiliate Information 

WACO’s seven affiliate groups represent the state’s elected county assessors, auditors, clerks, coroners and medical examiners, prosecuting attorneys, sheriffs, treasurers and comparable appointed officials in charter counties. Each affiliate group is represented on WACO’s website, with links to their own websites, and/or detailed information and updates from each group. To access each affiliates information. Click here. 


Resources and Reports 

When in need of resources and County Official Material, WACO has you covered. WACO has an entire “Know Your County Official” resource page with downloadable material for our members use, and well as educational purposes. Including the “Washington County Government” book, featuring information about each office’s duties and responsibilities. Access these materials and more here. 


For any specific questions regarding the WACO website please contact Member Services Manager, Melanie Terry, or Deputy Director, Timothy Grisham,