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Jun 24

Benton County Clerk, Josie Delvin, Named "Clerk of the Year"

Posted on June 24, 2021 at 5:46 PM by Melanie Terry

Courthouse Journal Blog
June 24th, 2021
Benton County Clerk Delvin Awarded "Clerk of the Year"

This week the Washington State Association of County Clerks named Benton County Clerk Josie Delvin "Clerk of the Year" during their Annual Conference. 

Clerk Delvin was nominated by her peers for this award, who acknowledged Clerk Delvin's many accomplishments throughout 2020 and beyond. While nominating, her peers described her enormous amount of energy and time which she dedicates to the Association, specifically her work as WSACC Legislative Co-Director. 

Clerk Delvin's duties as Legislative Co-Director involve proposing, drafting and submitting legislation on behalf of the Association, and is a large time investment. Specifically in the 2021 session Clerk Delvin guided two Bills through the House and Senate, HB 1271 - WACO Bill ensuring continuity of operations in the offices of elected officials, and SB 5131 - Clerks recall Bill. When asked about Clerk Delvin's legislative work, one of her colleagues stated "She read, reviewed, or commented on many of the over 1500 Bills introduced this year during the legislative session.  Many of these Bills directly and substantially impacted clerks operations.  Her tenacity enabled us to avoid some potential disastrous results by amending or outright killing bad Clerk Bills."

2020 and 2021 have been challenging years for the Clerks as State v Blake had a tremendous impact on Clerks' offices and COVID-19 closed in-person trials and office work. However, through all this Clerk Delvin "represented WSACC with professionalism dignity during some of the most challenging years in recent history." as stated by one of her peers.

Congratulations to Clerk Delvin! 
Josie Delvin