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Mar 11


Posted on March 11, 2022 at 8:14 AM by Timothy Grisham

Cella Hyde is an outreach and development professional with over seven years of experience in fostering communities, both in-person and digitally. They have strong event management experience, including targeted, creative strategies for securing vendor participation, and a knack for facing challenges head-on. Cella enjoys spending their free time painting, volunteering with animal rescues, baking, and exploring Pacific Northwest trails and parks.

Having moved from Utah to western Washington in 2017, Cella can still frequently be heard saying, “It doesn’t rain nearly as much as everyone said it would,” and lamenting having not yet seen an orca (they are sure 2022 will be the year).

The Member Services Manager role works extensively with members and affiliates on a wide range of issues from event assistance, roster management, and more. They are instrumental to planning the annual conference, speaking events, and our monthly packed lunch. Please welcome Cella to the team.