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May 26

AEDs Save Lives in Yakima

Posted on May 26, 2017 at 2:19 PM by Timothy Grisham

AEDs Save Lives in Yakima

On April 25, Yakima County Sheriffs Office Deputy Bobby Miranda was in his patrol car near the intersection of Highway 97 and Fort Rd when he saw a couple on a sidewalk. The male was on the ground and the female appeared to be administering chest compressions. Deputy Miranda stopped and grabbed his AED (Automated External Defibrillator) before running to help.

Deputy Miranda applied the leads to the victim and the AED was deployed. The device successfully started a heartbeat on the victim. Fire and rescue crews arrived and the victim was breathing on his own as he was transported away by ambulance.

Currently, all deputies carry AEDs in their cars and are trained to provide first aid to those who have experienced a medical emergency where the heart stops. AEDs in law enforcement vehicles is not standard nationwide, but experiences such as this show the value in the practice.

According to Deputy Scot Swallow, who manages the AED program, “The new AEDs have saved lives, often times we are able to be on the scene prior to emergency medical or fire services.”

Deputy Swallow explains that nearly 15 years ago the Yakima County Sheriffs Office received 12 older AEDs and placed them in patrol cars. After a few years – the value of the devices were discussed at length.

Following the discussions, Sheriff Brian Winter directed that AEDs be located in every Yakima County Sheriffs Office vehicle. After receiving a grant to help the project, Yakima County deployed an additional 50 AEDs placed in each vehicle, and two in the Yakima County Courthouse.