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Jul 14

Office of the Attorney General Open Government Update

Posted on July 14, 2017 at 10:43 AM by Timothy Grisham

The 2017 Washington State Legislature amended the records training requirements for state and local Public Records Officers, effective July 23.  Section 2, Chap. 303, 2017 Laws (ESHB 1594).  The amendment provides, “Training must address particular issues related to the retention, production, and disclosure of electronic documents, including updating and improving technology information services.”
When the training requirements were first enacted in 2014, the Office of the Attorney General provided a Q & A on its Open Government Training web page.  We have now posted a 2017 Q & A Supplement on that web page to address the amended training requirements for Public Records Officers.
For your ease of reference, we are also sending you a copy of the 2017 Q & A Supplement (click here).  Please feel free to distribute.
We will also be updating other materials on the web page to address other new laws from the 2017 sessions.
I trust this assists you.

Thank you.
Nancy Krier
Assistant Attorney General for Open Government
Office of the Attorney General