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Feb 19

Keith Willnauer to Retire

Posted on February 19, 2019 at 1:58 PM by Timothy Grisham

Whatcom County Assessor, Keith Willnauer, will not be seeking a ninth term as Assessor.
Willnauer will retire at the end of 2019, after a 41 year career in the Whatcom County Assessor’s Office with 31 years and eight elected terms as Assessor.
“With a career dedication to public service, technical advancement, fairness, integrity, and operational stability, the current timing for transition is appropriate. As a remarkable record setting vast majority of 2019’s property taxes are going down, I couldn’t ask for a better note to leave on.”
Success, in a large part, has been the result of, and not often enough, adequately thanked for, hard work from the employees. “I will miss working alongside them”, lamented Willnauer.  “The Assessor’s Office Chief Deputy of 28 years, John Romaker, will seek to fill the vacancy and I believe he will serve well.”
Willnauer graduated from Western Washington University and holds a County Official Certification from the University of Washington, Graduate School of Public Affairs. He has been president of both the Washington State Association of County Assessors and the Washington State Association of County Officials. He is the longest serving Assessor and among the longest serving local government officials in the state.
“Although I know not everyone has agreed with me on everything, I have always determined to deliver respect, and I sincerely hoped for, and sought it.”
“The institution that is the Assessor’s Office will continue to move forward, as it has for the last 150 years. I will always remain interested in that institution, Whatcom County, and local government, however, I am looking forward to the valuable addition of considerably more quality time with my wife, my family, and old and new friends.”
“Thank you for all of the support and dedication from those who work in, and care deeply for the quality of our community. It’s been an honor. Thank you for the opportunity to serve.”