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Jul 09

County Scholarship Fund Awards Three Scholarships

Posted on July 9, 2020 at 3:53 PM by Melanie Terry


The Washington Association of County Officials is honored to award three outstanding and hardworking students with scholarships form the Washington Counties Scholarship Fund.  

"We are very excited to see racially diverse, high achieving individuals from geographically different parts of the state win this year," says Washington Association of County Officials Executive Director Jennifer Wallace, "It is a testament to the hard work and ambition of students throughout the state."

This year, the applicant process was complicated by COVID-19, stalling the progression of receiving transcripts from schools. Nevertheless, the 2020 Scholarship received 34 very qualified applicants who are children of WACO members and children of WACO’s membership offices staff 

This year’s recipients are Hollis Long, Benton County; Maya Davis, Lewis County; and Taylor Gould, Spokane County.  

About the Students: 

Hollis Long attended Tri-Cities Prep Catholic High School and plans on pursuing a degree in English at Yale and later graduate school in journalism. Hollis’ mother is Julie Long, Chief Deputy Prosecuting Attorney for Benton County.
Hollis Long


Mya Davis is currently attending Seattle Pacific University studying nursing. Mya’s father is Arny Davis, Lewis County Treasurer. 
Mya Davis



Taylor Gould is from Spokane County and attending Montana Western University, though is transferring to Eastern State University. Taylor’s father Matthew Gould works as a Spokane County Sheriff Deputy. 

 Taylor Gould


About the County Scholarship Fund 

On December 5, 2019 the Washington Association of County Officials Board of Trustees voted to offer three students a scholarship award of $3,000. Additionally, the Board set a fundraising goal of $1,500 per affiliate annually due to the fund October 1 of each year. Previously, The County Scholarship fund was operated by both Washington Association of County Officials and Washington State Association of Counties, however in 2018 WACO dissolved the partnership and established a program under the same name. The new program had reduced the eligibility to ONLY the children of WACO members and the children of their staff after exhausting the funds from the previous agreement.