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Jul 30

PRA Training in Review

Posted on July 30, 2020 at 3:02 PM by Melanie Terry

On Thursday July 30th, 2020, Washington Association of County Officials had the honor of hosting an educational webinar in collaboration with Assistant Attorney General, Morgan Damerow, the Attorney General’s Office Local Government Program’s lead attorney. 

Morgan has been with the state for 16 years. Over the last four years, he has represented dozens of state agencies in significant PRA cases in front of trial courts, the Court of Appeals and the State Supreme Court.

The webinar served as an updated training since the last PRA training WACO offered in February of 2019, as well as a guide to the complications COVID-19 has presented. The presentation began with background information about the Public Government Act, and what qualifies as a “record”. The focus then shifted to recent court decisions, covering their origin and how they affected the PRA and OPMA. Among the specific cases covered were: Strahm v. Snohomish County, Hood v. Langley, as well as Denney v. City of Richland.

The webinar was recorded and can be watched here.

The Washington Association of County Officials is proud to offer quarterly training to their members, their member’s staff. To be notified about upcoming training, please follow us on Facebook and Twitter. For a complete list of past trainings, click here.

About the Attorney General’s Office Local Government Program:

“The Consultation Program is a resource to assist you and your agency’s staff with public records response processes and management. Program consultants provide services tailored to local governments by assisting in developing processes and procedures for responding to public records requests, compliance with public records laws, and developing or updating technology related to public records.” - WAPRO