Legislative Advocacy

Sustainable Policies, Sustainable Counties

Counties provide constitutionally and statutorily directed state services to all of Washington’s residents. The Washington Association of County Officials (WACO) is working to secure clear and sustainable policies to provide all 39 counties with the foundation to provide sustainable service levels to every Washingtonian.

County Assessors

The County Assessors are seeking to make technical corrections with the levy calendar.

Additionally the County Assessors seek to update the Agricultural Property Tax Exemption by adding an income requirement of $4,000 for properties 20 acres and above.

County Auditors

The County Auditors are seeking legislation for equitable share of election costs by making counties, cities, towns, districts, and the state pay their proportionate share of elections costs for every election.

Additionally, the County Auditors seek an amendment to the eliminate the three day waiting period for marriage licenses, as well as allow elected County Auditors to officiate weddings.

County Clerks

The County Clerks are seeking legislation to allow for the state to pay for publications related to state dependency actions.

Additionally, the County Clerks seek to eliminate unnecessary provisions related to Clerks' duites and court-ordered bond increases in RCW 36.23.020

County Coroners

The County Coroners are seeking legislation requiring all Coroners and Medical Examiners to achieve certification within 12 months of taking office.

Additionally, the County Coroners are seeking an increase in Medical Examiner office autopsy reimbursement rates to create more equity in costs between Coroner and ME offices.

County Sheriffs

The County Sheriffs are seeking legislation requiring the certification of county corrections officers.

Additionally, the County Sheriffs are seeking to reduce the wait time for newly hired law enforcement officers to complete Basic Law Enforcement Academy from 6 months to 2 months.

County Treasurers

The County Treasurers seek to align interest and penalty relief for qualified manufactured home owners with that of standard homes.

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