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Jun 02


Posted on June 2, 2023 at 8:31 AM by Timothy Grisham

Social Media is a complex topic from both a legal and policy standpoint. Because of this, WACO is happy to share with our members of our reference points and best practices on the topic. 

Public perception is influenced by several factors. Everyday your office interacts with several stakeholders, an informed and un-informed public at large, media, etc., as well as strives to engage otherwise unengaged members of diverse communities and stakeholders.    

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May 09

Wilco the WACO Wise Owl - Ballot Buddy Training with Cowlitz County Elections

Posted on May 9, 2023 at 12:54 PM by Cella Hyde

Where has Wilco been? Well, during the end of April, Wilco the WACO Wise Owl was seen defending the democratic process in Cowlitz County! Wilco attended ballot box buddy training with Cowlitz County Elections before going out to collect ballots from the various ballot drop box locations in the County.

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Apr 19

Meet Wilco - the WACO Wise Owl!

Posted on April 19, 2023 at 4:11 PM by Cella Hyde

Have you met Wilco the WACO Wise Owl? Wilco is WACO’s winged ambassador - flying around Washington state to help local county officials who are hard at work serving their counties and communities. Wilco’s biggest job is to help introduce the public at large to the many ways that Washington’s county officials are serving them.

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