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Jun 30

2017-2019 Proposed Budget Details

Posted on June 30, 2017 at 8:38 AM by Timothy Grisham

The House and Senate leadership have announced that they have reached a preliminary deal on the 2017-2019 biennium budget preventing a state government shutdown, which would begin July 1.

Today, the details of the budget have been made public.

Below are the 17-19 budget details provided by nonpartisan staff for the proposed negotiated budget between the House and Senate.

OPR (nonpartisan) Summary document: http://leap.leg.wa.gov/leap/Budget/Detail/2017/hoSummary_0630.pdf

Agency Detail: http://leap.leg.wa.gov/leap/Budget/Detail/2017/hoAgyDetail_0630.pdf

Four-Year Budget Outlook: http://leap.leg.wa.gov/leap/Budget/Detail/2017/hoOutlook_0630.pdf

Budget bill (PSSB 5883): http://leap.leg.wa.gov/leap/Budget/Detail/2017/hoBill_0630.pdf

Brief summary of the K-12 basic education program allocations and additional support funding in the budget

We are reviewing the documents as we speak and will update you on the provisions of interest and any other developments that may arise.